Elixir Brew Co. Opens Its Doors in Historic Downtown Buford

May 20, 2024
Welcome to Elixir Brew Co.

We are thrilled to announce the grand opening of Elixir Brew Co., nestled in the heart of the historic community of downtown Buford, Georgia. This moment is the culmination of more than three years of dedicated craftsmanship, during which we have meticulously honed our brewing processes to bring truly unique and delightful beers to our beloved community and visitors alike.

Elixir Brew Co. was born from a passion for quality and creativity, driven by the desire to blend traditional brewing techniques with innovative flavors. Our journey began over three years ago, in a small garage where the first batches of what would become our signature brews were crafted. Since then, each recipe has been refined and perfected, ensuring that every sip offers a taste of the dedication and hard work that has gone into our beers.

As we open our doors, we are excited to introduce our first four creations to the market:

  • Special Light Lager: Light, crisp, and refreshingly smooth, this lager is perfect for any occasion, embodying the simplicity of classic beer with a modern twist.
  • Caramel Macc Stout: For those who savor rich, complex flavors, this stout offers deep notes of caramel and a hint of coffee, ideal for cozy evenings.
  • West Coast IPA: A nod to the bold, hoppy characteristics of the Pacific, our IPA bursts with vibrant citrus and pine notes, sure to delight fans of robust flavors.
  • Green Apple Sour: Tart and invigorating, this sour ale provides a zesty kick with its bright green apple notes, offering a lively alternative for adventurous palates.

Located in the vibrant downtown area of Buford, Elixir Brew Co. aims to be more than just a brewery. We are committed to being a valuable member of our community, a place where locals and tourists can gather to enjoy not only great beer but also the rich history and culture of Buford. Our brewery is a celebration of local craftsmanship and the collective spirit of our town.

We invite everyone to visit Elixir Brew Co., where each beer tells a story of passion and perseverance. Come share in our celebration of craft brewing and community spirit. We look forward to welcoming you and sharing our labor of love.

Cheers to new beginnings and unforgettable experiences at Elixir Brew Co.!